ADA Short or I’ll call it Neutral

Chart from Trading view

This isn’t going to end well. There is no enjoyment because of the chart.

If ADA keeps hanging around like this on these levels, then surely bears going to rip the bulls.

Alonzo's update hasn’t given much impact on prices, but still, I’ll say ADA is the strong contender to Ethereum.

While both the market and ADA have recovered from their recent lows of 20 percent, they are still lingering around their price levels, and if they fall further, ADA may become negative.

Though, the markets have recovered a lot since then and are currently up 2 percent.

Bitcoin is now worth $47,000, while Ethereum is at $3,400. When it comes to BTC and Defi, they always come together. (Price as of Sept 15 @ 07:00 IST)

But for the long run, you should retain ADA, as it is the only one who can safeguard our portfolio when there is blood on the streets.

After this dip, I’ll be able to carry large quantities of ADA in my pocket.

Gainers in 24H

AAVE = +14.2%
LINK = +13.7%
FIL = +8.5%

Losers in 24H

ALGO: -5.4%
DOT: -0.1%

Keep watching the markets, it can give huge returns from this point, especially ADA is a great investment.

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Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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Himanshu India

Himanshu India

Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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