SOL at $500? What’s the probability?

Chart from Tradingview

Maybe you probably heard the news that the trades have been frozen on Solana Network. Don’t trade if you’re scared.

Solana is showing bounce back again, it has the potential to break its all-time again. That is a crazy cryptocurrency.

By the Chart you can see there is a supply and demand game, and we can see a bounce back again.

Solana shows an unstoppable market uprise for the past few weeks. The price of Solana gained 35% in the last two weeks, hitting a new all-time high of $215. If this bullish trend continues, the price of SOL will hit $500 soon.

But this could be a long dream for now, as the Price has fallen since its all-time high to $144. This is a great opportunity to bag up some SOL into your portfolio, or maybe take positions.

The recent price surge of SOL came due to the increased decentralized finance (Defi) activity in the ecosystem. Notably, the total value locked (TVL) on the Solana blockchain has increased by over 350% in the last six weeks from the beginning of August 2021.

With upcoming developments and upgrades within the Solana ecosystem, the price of SOL might reach new heights soon. I have a huge royal target of $500 for SOL.

Tell me, What do you expect from SOL, and what’s your analysis or Speculation?




Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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Himanshu India

Himanshu India

Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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