The reason you are not living your life is because of this.

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Everyone asks, “How’s it going?” and “What are you up to?” and you always say, “I’m OK,” even if you’re not feeling well yourself. Everyone has goals in life, whether it’s making millions of dollars a year or making their business successful and useful.

Everybody is doing something and aiming for something in their lives, and they believe that once their objective is achieved they would be able to enjoy their lives. Even those in their 30s or 40s start saving with the hope of enjoying life in their later years.

The aim of many teens nowadays is to become financially independent by the time they reach their 21 and to buy their own home and automobile by the time they reach their 30s. These are fantastic objectives, and I’m grateful for them because I’m in my 20s too and have similar ambitions in my own life.

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But my question is not dependent on how successful you’ll become, I’m not asking how successful you will be; I’m asking how long you will live before and after you reach your goals.

When it comes to goals, we tend to think of them as life itself, but other things are just as important, and if you ignore them in favor of your objectives, you’re not living your life.

During our childhood, we used to assume that grown-ups had so much freedom, that they could go anywhere, anytime they wanted, but as children, we didn’t have that kind of freedom. As a result of our newfound independence, we are free to do whatever we choose, that is the reason we have forgotten how to live life, which we do as in our childhood.

The point I’m trying to make is that we should start living as we did in our childhood, these are some points which I want to mention:

Be Joyful: Wasn’t it fun to be a youngster who didn’t know what everything was about and was happy to watch an animal eating food or gaze at some toys? Now we want more and aren’t satisfied with what we currently have. Be happy and grateful for what you already have. God will reward you when the time is right; just keep doing an excellent job and believe in your abilities, and you will be rewarded.

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Respect elders: In this case, I’m referring to the elderly you encounter every day at work, on public transportation, or anywhere else. As long as you respect them as you regard your parents (even if they are roadside beggars), you’ll be a good human being, and that is the fundamental reason you’re here on earth.

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Give time to your family: If you’re a CEO or manager of a firm or just a member of the staff, you work long hours and are weary when you come home, but don’t let yourself get so exhausted that you go straight to bed after supper. Instead, remember who you’re working for and spend time with them.

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Eat Healthy: Because most of you work too hard and rely on coffee or tea and a few snacks from the canteen or outside food, your body won’t be able to support itself in the long run, and you’ll need medicine to keep it healthy. This means that you must eat only home-cooked meals and food that you consider to be excellent, rather than the greasy stuff you find at your canteen.

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Appreciate other's work: Even celebrities suffer from depression and sports players get injured, so you should never underestimate someone’s agony. You never know what and how much they are going through, so don’t assume that just you are doing your best and working hard and that everyone else is getting off easy.

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This is all from me, just don’t think of life as before or after, but rather as today, as the moment you’re reading this article, as the moment you’re enjoying time with your loved ones, as the moment you’re going through depression, as the moment you’re having a really hard time, as the moment you’re achieving your goals, just face everything, and move on; because that’s what life is really about.

Thank you for your precious time.




Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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Himanshu India

Himanshu India

Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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