Vocal or Medium, which one to choose?

I was looking for more blogging alternatives and vocal has been my best alternative for medium.

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Last month, I became eligible for Medium Partner’s Program, but so I thought I am eligible. It was the 4th of November, on the holy occasion of Diwali, that I got this news. But that happiness was only for a short time period.

Many people at the medium know that Medium provides partner programs to the residents of the eligible countries. So India and Brazil are not on that list, though they both are on the priority list.

Why Vocal?

I love to write, but as a fellow college student, I also have my expenses. Passion and all is cool, but I have financial needs too.

When I got this update from Medium, I stopped writing for a week until I got this update from vocal.

From Vocal

This comes to me from surprise because I have submitted them my two stories but they both were rejected, maybe they were trying to get more writers to Vocal platform because it’s still quite new platform.

After reading many stories from vocal, I can say, right now the quality content of Vocal is more than Medium, just because they review your every story, that’s what makes Vocal unique.

Cryptocurrency and Life

Right now, Medium has dominance of Cryptocurrencies and Life articles, and all the other content is not getting noticed here.

But on Vocal, all content being noticed, even if it’s about your life or confessions. In fact, Vocal is more like a blogging website than the Medium, which is now only being used by Crypto enthusiasts for advertising their new shitcoins.

If you want to write about your life, poems, feminism, about your country, or anything other than finance, then Vocal should be your top priority.

Vocal Pays

Yes, it’s quite hard making money through blogging, especially when you’re living in a developed country, where 100 dollars is not much, but still it can be your side income.

If you’re from developing countries or underdeveloped countries, like India and Brazil or African Countries, then you should check out Vocal, because here you’re eligible to earn money through your blogging.

Medium is still Love

Yes, Medium doesn’t pay me, and I’m okay with that, but I still prefer Medium because it’s so easy to use and has much more traffic than vocal or any other publishing website.

As I am also a Crypto and Finance Enthusiast, Medium will still be my top publishing website and the fact that they host your custom domain for free, is also what makes Medium my favorite blogging website.

I would try to be more active on Medium, but right now I am more interested in Vocal and Publish0x.

Other Blogging Websites which pays

  1. Vocal = My Profile
  2. Publish0x = About Publish0x = My blogs

Himanshu India
Incredible Bharat = Know about India
Hi Dollar = Get free 1 dollar free daily.
Pipeflare = Join fastest growing gaming community




Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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Himanshu India

Himanshu India

Crypto and Finance enthusiast and avid reader of Indian Culture.

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